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EFFECTIVE:  1/1/2017

1.         Initial Escrow Deposit:

 Initial Escrow Deposit for review by MTSA, Consulting Engineer, and Solicitor of design drawings and planning module components (PMC):

Main Line Extension/Development of 9 EDU’s or less:                   $1,500.00

Main Line Extension/Development of 10 EDU’s or greater:           $3,000.00

Main Line Extension/Development containing a sanitary

Sewage Pump Station and/ or low pressure force main

system:                                                                                                $6,000.00

 Minimum Escrow Account balance is $100.00.  Deposits must be made in $1,000.00 increments to complete preliminary reviews.


2.         Second Escrow Deposit prior to start of Sanitary Sewer Installation:

 Upon approval by proper entities of PMC, Developer must make application to MTSA to enter into an “Agreement for Construction of Sanitary Sewer Line Extension.”

 A.        A deposit to MTSA (Developer Escrow Account) of the estimated cost of installation of the sanitary sewer extension must be made for estimated cost of engineering review, inspections, As-Built drawings and other costs as provided in the Developer Agreement.  This estimate is based on $4.50/ln. ft. of collection system piping as supported by the bid and/or estimate provided by the developer.  

 B.        Minimum Escrow Account balance is $500.00 or the estimated cost of As-builts.  Deposits must be made in at least $1,000.00 increments to complete installation as provided in the Developer Agreement.

 C.        Developer shall deliver to the Authority a performance security in the amount of One Hundred Ten percent (110%) of the estimated cost of installation of the sanitary sewer extension as provided in the Developer Agreement.


3.         MTIS Fee:

             If applicable, MTIS fees must be paid to the Authority at the time of execution of the Developer Agreement.

 4.         Maintenance Security for 18 months, 15% of actual cost of installation:

            The Developer shall deliver to the Authority an acceptable maintenance security for a period of eighteen (18) months following acceptance of the sewer system extension by the Authority in an amount of fifteen percent (15%) of actual cost of installation of the sewer extension as provided in the Developer Agreement.

 All other fees are applicable as listed in the General Fee Schedule A, adopted by MTSA Board of Directors.

 Fees are subject to change without prior notice.


Revision Key:


No.      Resolution No.            Date Adopted             Revised                       Comment

1.               380                          10/07/1993                11/4/1993                    Establishing Fees

2.               497                          12/07/2006                                                    Amending Fees

3.               514                          01/08/2009                                                    Amending Fees

4.               517                          01/07/2010                                                    Amending Fees

5.               543                          01/03/2013                                                    Amending Fees

6.               557                          12/04/2014                                                    Amending Fees

7.               562                          12/03/2015                                                    Amending Fees

8.               575                           12/1/2016                                                     Amending Fees