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EFFECTIVE 12/01/2016
Tap & Inspection Fees    
  Tap Connection Fee MTSA Uniform tap fee all systems $5,400.00 per EDU
  MTIS Fee in addition to tap fee Pine Creek North Fork Watershed, Pine Twp. $923.00 per acre
  FP Tap Fee, in addition to tap fee Fish Run Watershed, Franklin Park $1,833.00 per tap
  Bear Run Tap Fee, in addition to tap fee Bear Run Watershed $225.00 per tap
  Sewer Tap Machine 1 Line tap $300.00 per tap
              1 Manhole Tap $350.00 per tap
    4 Taps or more at same time and location $250.00 per tap
  Lateral Connection Inspection Fee In addition to tap fee $50.00 each tap
  Lateral Installed w/o inspection Closed circuit televised inspection by MTSA $250.00 each lateral
  Scheduled tap or inspection Not ready; nor cancelled $50.00 each occurrence
  Grease Traps Inspection Fee $50.00
Demolition of Abandoned Service Sewers    
  Application and Inspection Termination of Sanitary Sewage Service $25.00 each
Developer Fees See Schedule B for escrow deposits  
  Developer sewer line installations Inspection Fee/Assistant Inspector $65.00 per hour
    Inspection Fee/Inspector $70.00 per hour
    Inspection Fee/Development Officer $80.00 per hour
Billing Department Fees      
  Sewer Service Application Initial Fee $10.00
  Sewer Rental Fees Refunds shall not be made for less than: $10.00 each account
  Sewer Rental Late Charge Penalty applied against the account for current charges not paid by due date. 10% penalty of unpaid sewer charge
  Liened Sewer Accounts Administrative Costs for letters $50.00 each letter
  Delinquent Accounts Water Termination Processing Fee $100.00 non-refundable
  Assessment Payoffs Administrative Costs for letters $50.00 each letter
  Lien Determination/Sewer Availability Letters New & refinanced dwellings                                 (3 Days for preparation) $20.00/request + $1.00 fax
  Checks - NSF Checks returned for insufficient funds $32.50 each
  Sewer Service Charges paid by Credit Card or Pay-By-Phone $0-50.00 $2.00
    $51.00 - 100.00 $4.00
    $101.00 - 150.00 $6.00
    $151.00 - 200.00 $8.00
    $201.00 - 250.00 $10.00
    $251.00 - 300.00 $12.00
    For each additional $50.00 increment $2.00 additional
Deduct Meter Program    
  Initial Deduct Meter Installation  Inspection Fee $50.00 each
  Reinstallation of Meter(s) Inspection Fee $50.00 each
  Meter Readings Annual Meter Reading/Account Adjustment $45.00 each
    Additional Readings Requested $45.00 each
MTSA Regulations and Minimum Standards    
  Sewer System Rules and Regulations Adopted August 6, 1992 Available online at website
  Minimum Standards for Design & Construction of Sanitary Sewer Systems Adopted December 2, 1994              Developer Copy Available online at website
Dye Testing Certification for Interior and Exterior Inspections  
  Administrative Function  Documentation of Certification $50.00 per request
  Field Testing Exterior Test $75.00 per test
  Field Testing Interior Inspection & Testing $50.00 per test
  Scheduled Testing No Show, nor Cancelled $60.00 per test
Open Records Policy Fee Schedule    
  Photo Copies   .25 per page
  Specialized Documents Blue prints, color copies, non-standard sized documents Actual Cost
  Facsimile   Actual Cost
  Conversion to paper If requested, duplication cost for original media form Actual Cost
  Postage Fee   Actual Cost
FOG Program Fees
   Application Fee  Per Application  $50.00
   Food Service Establishment:  Single Facility  Installation Inspection Fee  $50.00
   Food Service Establishment:  Multiple Facility  Installation Inspection Fee(per facility)  $50.00

 Food Service Establishment: Single Grease Removal System

 Compliance Inspection Fee  $75.00
   Food Service Establishment: Multiple Grease Removal Systems  Compliance Inspection Fee(per device)  $75.00
   Compliance Samples  Per Sample (EPA 1664A)  $30.00
   Non-Compliance Samples  Usage per 1000/gallons  120% of cost per 1000/gallons


High Strength Waste Program Fees
   Compliance Samples  Method  Cost Per Sample
  1.  BOD 5 SM5210 B (2001) $23.00
  2.  TSS SM2540 D (1997) $11.00
  3.  Ph SM4500-H&B $7.25




SM = Standard Methods for water and wastewater analysis-Latest Version

EPA = EPA Methods

Note:  The referenced Test Method for pH is for laboratory test.

  (1) EDU = Equivalent Domestic Unit    
  Annual Average Residential Consumption = 73,669 gallons per year  
No. Resolution No.   Date Adopted                 
1 455                    10/7/93:  Rev. 1 - 12/1/94:  Rev. 2 Adopted 11/1/01 Effective 1/1/2002  
2 466                    1/8/2004 Rev. 3 (Reference Town of McCandless Ordinance 1291 adopted 11/24/2003)  
3 471                    6/3/2004 Rev. 4, Sewer service charges paid by credit card or pay-by-phone.  
4 477                    3/3/2005 Rev. 5, Water Termination Processing Fee  
5 497                   12/7/2006 Rev. 6, Adjustments to certain fees  
6 514                   1/8/2009 Rev., 7, Adjustments to certain fees  
7 517                   1/7/2010, Rev., 8, Change to tap fee  
8 543                   1/3/2013, Rev., 9, Change to tap fee and adjustment to certain fees  
9 552                   4/3/2014, Rev., 10,  Add hight strength waste program fees  
10 557                   1/1/2015, Rev., 11, Change to tap fee and adjustment to certain fees  
11 562                   12/3/2015, Rev., 12, Add Bear Run tap fee  
12 574                   12/1/2016, Rev., 13, Change tap fee  
13 575                   1/1/2017, Rev., 14, Change tap fee and adjust certain fees